Fluoride Glass Fibers

Client : RPhotonics Inc.


We signed a strategic alliance with IRPhotonics Inc. - a company specialized in the development and fabrication of advanced optical materials - with a view to pooling our resources to develop a new family of specialty optical fibers in the medium infrared spectrum to be use for medical, industrial, and military applications.


The number of applications requiring high quality glass and fibers for the Mid-Infrared window (2000 nm to 5500 nm) has grown considerably in recent years. This is the case for the fluoride glass fibers now fabricated and sold by our partner IRPhotonics Inc. These materials can be adapted for specific wavelengths and applications, including sensing, telecommunication, spectroscopy, medical lasers, and industrial high power beam delivery. The ZBLAN fluoride glass fibers technology is an ideal substitute for most Erbium-YAG and Holmium-YAG installations, as well as to sapphire optical fibers and chalcogenide glass fibers commonly used for Mid-IR transmission. Thanks to its patented ZBLAN (fluoride fiber - fluoride glass) fabrication technology and its unique chemical components, IRPhotonics Inc. will continue leading the industry for affordable, good quality optical fiber and glass.

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