Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging makes it possible to split the light reflected by a scene into various bands of contiguous wavelengths. In contrast, a color camera can only split light into the three bands of wavelengths discernible by the human eye. Hyperspectral technology offers the benefit of establishing a unique spectral signature for each material by covering wavelengths in both the visible and infrared band, thereby significantly increasing the power of discrimination of objects.

Our expertise: Solution optimization using state-of-the-art tools

  • Generic platform: We have developed a hyperspectral platform that can measure the spectral response of any object from the visible to the near-infrared range (400 nm to 2 500 nm) at spatial resolutions of up to 30 µm. This platform can be used to look at multiple measurement configurations when developing solutions.

  • Optical design: The lighting source design is critical—it has to maximize projected light energy in the sensing area while controlling heat emission. It is also optimized to ensure both spatial (along the field of view) and spectral consistency to improve camera response at each wavelength.

  • Data processing: Our team of seasoned multivariate data analysts knows how to interpret hyperspectral measurements to identify wavelengths of interest as well as the necessary decision rules.

Our strength: Flexibility

As experts in developing dedicated industrial solutions, we adapt our approach to the specific needs of each client.

Fields of application:

  • Food

  • Mining

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Wood products

  • Waste sorting

  • Quality control


At INO, our mission is to find viable solutions at the lowest cost. To this end, analyses performed with our hyperspectral platform can be used to reduce the number of wavelength bands needed for an application, leading to substantially lower costs.

Some achievements

These projects are custom-tailored to client needs.
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