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Normand Bourque, CA

Normand Bourque, CA

Member of the board of directors since 1988

Normand Bourque graduated from the Université de Montréal with a Bachelor of Arts and from the École des hautes études commerciales with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

After auditing and consulting with Arthur Andersen Inc. for two years, he became a chartered accountant. He then joined L’Oréal Canada, first as Corporate Controller for a period of five years, then as Head of Operations for two years.

He spent 17 years at Northern Telecom, successively as Controller, Divisional General Manager, Vice-President of the Transmission Division and Group Vice-President of the Cable Operations.

He then furthered is career as Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of NORDX/CDT, a Nortel spin-off, for the next nine years.

He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Roctest Ltd. and its subsidiary, Fiso Technologies, for ten years and chaired the Audit Committee and the Human Resources and Corporate Governance Committee.

Mr. Bourque has been active in a number of associations, including the Montreal Board of Trade’s Board of Directors, the Comité pour la promotion économique de Montréal (COPEM), where he chaired its Research and Development Committee, and the Quebec Council of the Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association of Canada, which he also chaired.

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