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At INO, we’re driven by the desire to help improve your performance and optimize the way you manage your resources.

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We specialize in the development and use of sensors and systems that can measure structural deformations, the level of boiling liquids, plant photosynthesis performance and growth levels, basic soil composition, load volume on trucks, mineral ore grain size, and even the structure of mining tunnels. Our experts in industrial vision, telemetry, spectroscopy, and systems engineering can design and produce solutions tailor-made for mineral exploration, resource management and processing, and the industrialization of new technologies.

Our transferable technology platforms can be readily adapted to your needs and requirements. So give your business strategy a boost by taking advantage of INO’s R&D expertise and know-how.

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Choose us to act as your exploration team in unchartered technological territory, your go-to consulting expert, or your partner of choice to design, build, and productize a customized solution in answer to your most challenging needs.

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