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Solutions Manager – Biomedtech

Job ID : 190425

What challenges can you expect?

As the Solutions Manager, you will be defining and targeting issues identified by clients of our business unit that specializes in the biomedical high-tech sector. Assisting the business unit manager in identifying and finding solutions tailored to the needs of that industry's clients will be among your responsibilities. In addition, you will be developing the solution plan to address the pre-defined issues, working with the team of technical experts that implements the solutions. Your agenda will include frequent meetings with existing and potential clients and active participation in preparing and drafting offers and proposals.

The role of Solutions Manager will also see you acting as technical coordinator and in-house client representative, seeing to it that the clients’ expressed needs are met by the relevant solutions put forth by our dedicated team of experts. And, not only will you be responsible for defining the marketing plans and road maps of the solutions developed by INO, you will also be managing their complete life cycle. Your active input will be called on, particularly with respect to content, as tactical marketing plans take shape.

Highly solutions-oriented, as Solutions Manager, you will be defining business cases, as well as managing and coordinating actions related to the short, medium and long-term development of industry solutions, from design to delivery.

The must-haves

  • Minimum of 15 years of experience in or related to your field of expertise;
  • Undergraduate and graduate degree in a pertinent discipline (sciences and engineering or health sciences) enabling you to acquire further knowledge about where innovation stands now and where it is heading, fully grasp that knowledge and remain current;
  • Mastery of French and English, both spoken and written – ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!
  • Sound knowledge of the needs, issues and opportunities in the medical devices industry and pharmaceutical industry;
  • Be willing to travel 25% of your time.

The ideal blend of traits that would enhance our team

  • Outstanding client (internal and external) service, with an understanding of the needs and expectations of those clients;
  • Excellent communication and relationship skills;
  • Exceptional sense of synthesis;
  • An influential leadership style, focused on cooperation and getting results;
  • A keen sense of how best to plan and organize work.

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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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