360 Degrees 3D Sensor for Pipeline Inspection


Pipeline integrity is crucial to operations, regulation compliance and enhanced asset lifetime. For this reason, detecting defects as soon as possible is critical.

INO offers a non-destructive testing solution for non-traditional inspection that precisely identifies defects from inside the pipeline, allowing a quick and targeted response to prevent any potential leak.


This solution is a sensor that provides 3D range measurement at 360 degrees. Based on a laser triangulation profilometer, the range measurements allow the detection of very small defects such as cracks, metal loss and corrosion early in the degradation process. This sensor is also ideally suited to pipe geometry assessment to measure ovality and detect dents. 

When mounted on an autonomous crawling vehicle, this sensor becomes the perfect in-line inspection tool. Built for pipes ranging from 6 in. to 30 in. (15 cm to 80 cm) in diameter, it is lightweight (3.3 lb., or 1.5 kg) and consumes little power (< 4W). This reduced footprint allows for easy integration into an autonomous pipe crawling device.

The sensor can inspect carbon steel, concrete, PVC, HDPE and clay tile surfaces. Specifications can be customized to needs and requirements.

INO is seeking partnerships with crawling device providers in order to build a precise and efficient non-traditional inspection robot.


A mature technology, the laser triangulation technique has been successfully used for the design of sensors that can detect 0.02 in. (0.5 mm) cracks at a distance of 6.5 ft. (2 m) and at a speed of 65 mph (100 km/h). INO produces these units on an ongoing basis.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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