AeroMap - Near-infrared, Full Waveform Lidar for Dust and Aerosol 3D Monitoring.


Many processes in various industries, such as mining, bulk material handling, construction, and transportation, generate dust and aerosol clouds that can be hazardous to human health.


It can be difficult to clearly identify the source of the process generating aerosols, or how the cloud travels in the air. Moreover, depending on the application and/or environment, localizing the source of aerosols quickly enough can be critical to ensure optimal safety.

With these challenges in mind, INO has developed AeroMap, a full waveform Lidar system.


AeroMap is the perfect tool for mapping absolute and relative concentrations of dust and aerosols in the air. Based on a complete digital signal acquisition platform, it can measure relative concentrations of aerosols over a range of 150 m (500 ft.) with a resolution up to 20 cm. The system also delivers maps of absolute concentrations when combined with an in-situ sensor serving as a calibration point. Using the embedded context camera, AeroMap helps define the monitoring area by accurately identifying the location of the aerosol source, providing a better understanding of the generation process.

In addition to being eye safe—and thus harmless to workers so it can be used in industrial sites or cities—AeroMap delivers 2D and 3D maps in near real time, and features a real-time display of aerosol concentrations. It can be used to trigger alarms, increasing the level of safety for workers and anyone in the selected area.


This system has been developed up to the field-deployable level, and multiple tests were conducted with success in 24/7 industrial applications such as cloud mapping and monitoring of dust-generating processes. Thanks to this advanced state of development, AeroMap is ready for technology transfer.

For more information and specifications about AeroMap, please have a look at the AeroMap datasheet and/or contact us.

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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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