Assembly and Characterization of Reflective Microscope Objectives

Client : Ealing Catalog Inc.
Technologies: Optical Design


INO boasts a host of optical measuring instruments and analysis equipment to characterize optical components and facilitate assembly processes. INO also has dedicated clean rooms for optical assembly as well as environmental testing equipment for conducting shock resistance, vibration, temperature, and humidity resistance tests. In order to meet specific client requirements not supported by current instrumentation, INO offers custom assemblies thanks to its experience and vast range of equipment.

  • Microscope objective
  • Alignment and testing model for an IR objective for the high resolution IRHR camera


For over five years, INO has aligned and characterized Model 99-5472-001 Ealing Catalog Inc. reflective microscope objectives that have since been transferred to Edmund Optics. These objectives meet the specific needs of clients who require superior optical performance, for example, in a system designed to inspect the surface quality of wafers used to manufacture integrated semiconductors and circuits. The 99-5472-001 model was aligned and characterized using a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor.

The two mirrors from the reflective objective were aligned and adjusted using a Shack-Hartmann sensor and a CCD camera to minimize optical aberrations. Detailed aberration value reports for each of the objectives were delivered to the client, along with images of the corresponding wavefront.


I have a great deal of admiration for INO and its wide range of expertise. I have visited INO on two occasions in the past and I was strongly impressed by its facilities. In my book, there are no other places in the world where one can find as many multidisciplinary resources under the same roof. There are some R&D centers in the USA who try to imitate INO’s recipe, but they are still far behind.
- Robert R. Basore, President and Owner, Ealing Catalog, Inc.

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