High-Resolution 3D Mapping Tool

Client : In-house research project
Industries: Advanced Manufacturing


Safety is of the utmost importance in the mining industry, but the complexity and scope of underground networks pose a significant challenge. The considerable distances covered, the low lighting, and the sheer number of details to take into account make it that much harder to effectively maintain mine corridors and roadways that deteriorate over time. This makes it difficult to assess changes in the condition of the roof support system in place.

As part of its in-house research program, INO set out to find an effective solution to this problem in the aim of helping raise mine safety standards.

  • Mine roadway
  • DriftView numerical data
  • Driftview reconciled digital data
  • Système DriftView


DriftView is a high-resolution 3D mapping tool being developed to improve mining operations. The system facilitates mining infrastructure maintenance and ventilation, ultimately creating safer mining environments. The technology is based on a 3D laser profilometer capable of fully scanning mine roadways from a moving vehicle. The viewing software generates a 3D representation with millimetric precision. This valuable data can be used as a mapping tool by geologists, rock mechanics engineers, and mine supervisors. DriftView gives the information necessary to identify rock bolt patterns and joint families, from the comfort of an office.

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