Optical Fiber Stripping


In a number of ablation processes, such as optical fiber stripping, a low-power CO2laser is the ideal tool. Laser stripping is a fast and effective way to strip optical fibers of their cladding. In addition, this process reduces the risks of damaging the optical fiber, because it is contact free. Other processes for stripping optical fibers use chemicals, which can leave residues, or strippers, which can damage the fiber.

  • Typical optical fiber stripping system
  • SMF-28 fibers with a tensile strength of 350 kpsi
  • Stripping of the center part of an optical fiber ribbon
  • Stripping speed of 1 cm/minute for SMF-28 fibers


CO2 lasers make it possible to create windows in the cladding of various shapes of fibers.

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What are your needs?

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