Synthesis Rendering Technology

Client : Media Opti Rythmix Inc.
Industries: Advanced Manufacturing


Media Opti Rythmix Inc., a Québec start-up seeking to introduce revolutionary products in TV and film production, video games, and teleconferencing, enlisted INO to help it develop a synthesis rendering technology. The partnership has permitted INO to develop a general platform that the client can apply to the entertainment and teleconferencing sectors.

  • Videoconference room sketch
  • Real camera images
  • Virtual camera image


The technology is based on a configuration and equipment that completely capture the whole scene in which the action unfolds, then applies image and data processing algorithms to reconstitute the scene as it would appear to a camera placed arbitrarily within it. This allows the perspective best suited to the action to be dynamically selected in real time, as if a location manager or director were directing the camera operator’s movements within the scene. In teleconferencing, the system could be used to provide images that seem to emanate from a camera placed directly in front of the participants, where in fact the screen would be.


Thanks to a grant from the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the support of key teleconference industry players, the system under development will constitute a technology showcase for an initial teleconferencing application to be released later in 2012.

The challenge in bringing this technology to market is to ensure that the quality of the synthesized image meets the standards of the target market (teleconferencing, video games, TV or film), that real-time calculations can be made in many specific end-user situations, and that equipment
and processes are available for the system to be quickly and efficiently rolled out.

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