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Technological advances, labour shortages and rising production costs offer industrial companies new opportunities to automate and robotize their activities to improve productivity and precision.

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Companies are increasingly looking to automate repetitive tasks to reduce production costs and increase efficiency.

Robotics and automation have become an increasingly important part of our society in industry and everyday life. Technological developments have resulted in the emergence of increasingly powerful robots capable of carrying out complex tasks with complete autonomy. Optical technologies, such as cameras, sensors and lasers, are widely used in robotic systems to perform precise and repetitive tasks very efficiently. These systems improve production quality and reduce costs.

Your Challenges

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objects, gases and minerals, contaminants, living beings or plants in controlled, hostile or difficult environments.
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a robotic arm, autonomous vehicle or industrial equipment in any type of environment.
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your production, packaging and quality control operations.

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INO has exceeded our expectations in delivering on all aspects of the robotic cucumber harvesting project and we’re eager to see what the future of the collaboration holds. The team at INO has been both friendly and professional, and apart from the physical distance between us, there is a sincere feeling of unity in working together towards a common goal.

- Brian Lynch, Research Scientist, Field Robotics for Vineland Research and Innovation Center

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