Process control and optimization

Technological advances provide industrial companies with the means to control and optimize their processes to improve efficiency, product quality and safety while reducing costs and risks.

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Controlling and optimizing industrial processes has become a major challenge in an increasingly competitive environment focused on economic profitability.

It is increasingly difficult to maintain optimum productivity, quality and cost performance as technology advances and systems become more complex. Optimization and control tools play a key role in improving process performance, making more efficient use of resources, reducing waste and extending equipment life. Optics plays an essential role in controlling and optimizing industrial processes, enabling very precise measurement and analysis of production parameters.

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the operational efficiency by reducing losses related to destructive inspection testing and maintenance as part of quality control.
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defects in products or infrastructures that are invisible to the eye.
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all your data throughout the manufacturing process.

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Working with INO will help us accelerate our work to discover new biology and important medicines for patients.

Fedor (Teo) Ilkov, Director, Optical Engineering Eikon Therapeutics

INO provided us with state-of-the-art expertise that CCR lacked. In addition, INO’s desire to teamwork with CCR and deliver a quality product made this project a success. The operators and CCR’s management team are very pleased with the master plate monitoring system.

Anne Tellier, Senior Project Engineer Affinerie CCR

We were looking for a group of experts capable of developing an absolute optical positioning system for our cylinders. At INO, we found a team with solid expertise, and the ability to meet our high-level challenge, while maintaining a good pace for the project.

Luc Mainville, Vice President Innovation Product Development Mailhot Industries

Our recent experience goes to show that INO has what it takes to tackle projects methodically and provide innovative solutions based on cutting edge knowledge.

Claude Carignan, Senior Director of Research and Development Teraxion

We had a great experience with the INO team. It felt more like a partnership than a client/clientele relationship, which is what we needed. They were also flexible in how they structured their contracts, in order to align with our deadlines and internal needs.

Marc LeVangie, Biomechanical Researcher CCM Hockey

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