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Optics-based technologies have made rapid progress in recent decades. These technologies are used to manufacture innovative, high-performance and efficient optical systems, including optical fibres, sensors and lasers.

Our certifications

  • INO is ISO 9001 certified and makes customer satisfaction a priority.
  • INO is ISO 13485 certified and excels at designing custom solutions, from ideation to prototyping and production of medical devices.

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Your Challenges

INO Product development Outsource your R&D Icon

Outsource your R&D

and innovation department for a one-off need.
INO Product development Develop processes Icon

Develop processes

for manufacturing proofs of concept, prototypes and short production runs.
INO Product development Develop a new product Icon

Develop a new product

and stand out from your competitors.
INO Product development Develop a new product Icon

Develop a lidar

to measure and map
INO Product development Develop a new product Icon

Develop a profilometer

to analyze and inspect surfaces in detail
INO Product development Short-run production Icon

Short-run production

planning for the first units of your working prototype for your future product.

You are considering product development

and want to know if optical technologies can solve your challenges. You don’t have the in-house expertise to develop your product and are considering outsourcing all or part of the development. Our experts will guide you. Contact us

Our customer testimonials

See what INO customers have to say about our services and solutions.

The employees involved in my project swiftly made it their own and put forward some very interesting design suggestions. The competence of the team that INO put in place for our project is outstanding and the project has been on schedule ever since the project began. After bringing clients into INO for a visit, each time I’ve come away with an agreement. That’s because INO inspires confidence thanks to its ability to manufacture high-tech devices.

Charles Nault, CEO LogiAg

A player like INO could only bring a fresh vision, and indeed, we were able to obtain a very interesting product. The team was available and came out in the field to experience our reality. The sensor provides us with quality data, allowing us to optimize the expenditure and the life span of the pipes.

Louis Légaré-Lapointe, Eng., President Can-Explore

Under one roof at INO, Pavemetrics found everything it needed to develop the hardware for its new LCMS-2.

Richard Habel, CEO Pavemetrics

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