Optics and photonics technologies play a key role in scientific advances in astronomy by enabling the development of increasingly powerful and complex observation instruments. 

INO creates innovative solutions for the field of astronomy, including instruments for existing and future telescopes. INO specializes in imaging, spectroscopy, and polarimetry, as well as the development of wavefront sensors for adaptive optics.

We offer a wide variety of services, including optical design and development of custom instruments.

INO technology platforms are transferable to industry. Through our R&D work, we adapt platforms so that clients can take full advantage of the commercial opportunities and technological benefits they provide.

INO also excels at developing custom products to precise client specifications, including cameras, spectrometers, polarimeters, telescope simulators, wavefront sensors, and interferential filters in spectral bands ranging from the far-infrared to the near-ultraviolet.

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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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