Energy, Resources and Environment

Looking for innovative solutions to improve processes used to generate energy and exploit natural resources while minimizing their environmental impact?

Never thought that optics, photonics, and imaging could help you tackle your challenges? Let INO surprise you with its expertise!

Whether it is to measure industrial processes in real time or to detect aerosol emissions and contaminants, our solutions are the key to your success. Thanks to INO, you will be able to boost your competitiveness and comply with increasingly stringent environmental standards.

The following sectors benefit from our expertise:

  • Fossil fuels and renewable energy
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture

Our solutions are also used for:

  • Air, water, and soil quality monitoring
  • Hygiene
  • Workplace health and safety

To increase your efficiency and performance as well as optimize your budget, look no further than INO, the most proficient business out there to help you reach your objectives.


You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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