Certified ISO 13485 - Medical Device, INO is an organization with a critical mass of 200 photonics specialists. By drawing on its extensive optics capabilities from illumination, collection, and coupling to packaging, free-space applications, and specialty fiber probes, INO offers a variety of services geared toward the design and fabrication of unique medical systems.

INO develops innovative solutions for the medical industry in areas such as NIR sensing in diffuse tissue media and medical metrology. Its platforms also cover a gamut of technologies that include guided phototherapeutic lasers and PDT systems, sensor probes and tracking systems, and advanced biochemical/functional spectroscopic and structural imaging.

INO technology platforms can be transferred to the industry for various medical applications. Through our R&D work, we adapt platforms so that clients can take full advantage of the commercial opportunities and technological benefits they provide.

INO also excels at developing customized products to client specifications, including calibration and validation metrology systems and optical phantoms for NIR detection in tissues.


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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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