Natural resources

Optics and photonics technologies provide important strategic benefits to the natural resources sector (mining, water, agrifood) by helping boost productivity through control measures, health and safety, and environmental constraints.

INO creates innovative solutions for the natural resources sector, particularly online and real-time measuring systems for improved process control. INO technologies include imaging solutions that work under foggy, dusty, and smoky conditions to improve worker safety. INO also specializes in the development and use of distance and dimension sensors capable of measuring the level of boiling liquids, truck load volumes, ore particle size, and even mine structures.

Other noteworthy technology for natural resources applications include tools for ion detection in solution for use in wastewater treatment and continuous process measurement, and a vision-based system for monitoring open-pit mines and other large outdoor sites.

INO offers a wide range of services, including materials exploration using hyperspectral imaging for the purpose of developing a cost-effective system for differentiating materials under real-life conditions. This approach covers fluorescence, thermal dynamic imaging, and the visible, near-infrared, and terahertz bands.

We also excel at designing custom products to precise client specifications, including dimension and hyperspectral sensors.

INO technology platforms are transferable to industry. Through our R&D work, we adapt platforms so that clients can take full advantage of the commercial opportunities and technological benefits they provide.

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