Because of their very small size, biological threat agents are extremely difficult to detect.  Keeping this in mind, we wanted to protect the population and this is why we've created SR-Biospectra.


SR-BioSpectra is a short-range compact spectrometric lidar based on Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) that indicates the presence of bio-threats in aerosols over critical indoor, semi-enclosed, and outdoor venues such as subways, universities, public libraries, stadiums, and airports. This near real-time capability would enable rapid detection of a bioaerosol release and would allow for timely implementation of measures to protect the population and minimize the extent of contamination.  Through discrimination, SR-Biospectra can confirm that an impact area is safe for the first responders, therefore allowing a safe and efficient intervention. Among all detectors, SR-BioSpectra is the only one that can cover a large area with a single unit, because the tests require no reagent, unlike mobile laboratories that require disposable and expensive equipment.

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  • The detector useful range is 100 m by 360 degrees and its spectroscopic capabilities will discriminate detected bioaerosols as to their level of danger. By discriminating bioaerosols, SR-Biospectra will confirm that the site is safe for first responders, thus enabling an effective and safe intervention. Among all such detectors, SR-Biospectra is the only one to offer such a large coverage area by means of a single device.

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