By inviting promising students to join its R&D teams, INO is promoting excellence and making a significant contribution to the development of professional and technical expertise in optics and photonics.

INO fellowships provide financial assistance in the form of internships to a selection of graduate students with research projects compatible with INO's scientific programming.

Student fellowship program

INO has established a Fellowship Program in order to promote excellence in the development of scientists working in areas of optics which are of special interest to its affiliate members. By inviting graduate students to work with its own research teams and participate directly in accomplishing its scientific program, and by providing these students with the financial assistance they require, INO is making a significant contribution to the development of professional and technical expertise in the field of optics.


The INO Fellowship Program is open to all university students registered in a Masters or Ph.D. program in physics, engineering physics, electrical engineering, or any other scientific discipline recognized by INO. Students must be willing to carry out a research project at INO facilities in the Quebec City region. The project must be consistent with INO’s scientific program and must be compatible with the company’s activities in one of the following areas: photonic materials and processes, photonics and guided-wave optics, laser system technologies, digital and optical systems.

Value and Duration

The fellowships are of $13,000 per year at the Masters level, and $15,000 at the Ph.D. level.

The fellowships are awarded for a period of one year and can be renewed upon evaluation and favourable recommendation from INO’s Fellowship Assessment Committee. Students who are INO fellows remain eligible to apply for other fellowship or scholarship programs.

Application Procedure

Interested students are invited to submit their application in writing before February 1st of each year, in order to be considered for a fellowship beginning the following May. Students wishing to apply must forward their application to INO, clearly indicating “INO Fellowship Program” on the outside of the application envelope. The application must include:

  • a complete résumé
  • an official transcript of marks issued by the university
  • a brief text describing the student’s areas of interest and explaining the reasons for applying

In awarding its fellowships, INO participates in the supervision of graduate students pursuing their Masters or Ph.D. projects as part of the research team. In order to ensure that students receive the proper supervision, their university must agree to allow an INO researcher to assume co-supervision of the students’ research activities. To be selected for an INO fellowship, the successful applicant must agree to devote him or herself exclusively and full-time to the required studies and to the accomplishment of the research work undertaken within the framework of INO’s research program.


Fellowships are awarded for the period from May 1st to April 30th of the following year. All candidates who have submitted an application will be advised of INO’s decision by no later than April 1st. Successful applicants must notify of their acceptance of the fellowship within fifteen (15) days of the offer, or by no later than April 15th. An official presentation of the fellowships will be held at the annual INO Members’ Meeting in June.

What INO fellows say about the program

People are always willing to take time to assist their colleagues when asked for help.

- Alain, Master Student, Université Laval

If it wasn't for INO's material and financial support, I would never have had the opportunity to get acquainted with the wide range of hardware equipment related to my project.

- Louis, Master Student, Université Laval

Project results can easily be transferred to the industry.

- Francis, Ph.D. Student, Université Laval
The INO Fellowship Program is made possible thanks to the support of affiliate members.

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