How Terahertz is Transforming the Security Screening Industry!

Terahertz is a technology that is safe for health and enables us to see through matter without altering it. Security screening applications widely use THz waves due to their characteristics and safety.

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How Terahertz is Transforming the Security Screening Industry!

Since the September 11, 2001 attacks, governments in many countries have stepped up efforts to protect their citizens and employees from all types of terrorist threats. The number of mass shootings has dramatically increased in recent years, particularly in the United States, as has the frequency of bombings and suicide attacks worldwide. High-traffic areas and large gatherings are usually targeted: airports, stadiums, shopping malls, schools, concert halls, government buildings, etc. However, the terrorist threat is not limited to physical locations. In recent decades, government organizations, public figures, and even corporations have been targeted by countless incidents of letters contaminated with suspicious materials or parcel bombs.

These growing threats have resulted in a constant increase in investments in the detection of concealed weapons, explosive devices and suspicious materials.

In this reference guide, we present how terahertz technology is transforming the security screening of people, packages and letters, the different existing solutions and those under development.

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