Optical Applications from the Farm to the Table

Watch this webinar to cultivate your understanding in the role optics play in the agri-food industry in these 3 essential sectors: precision agriculture, automatic harvesting in fields and greenhouses and food processing.

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Webinar: Optical Applications from the Farm to the Table

Cultivate your understanding of the role optics play across the agri-food industry. Join Donald Prévost, Technical Director for the Sustainable Resources, Agriculture and Manufacturing team at INO as he elaborates on how optics are advancing these 3 essential industry sectors: 

  • Precision agriculture: How optical sensors can enable farmers to collect real-time data on their crops, such as soil moisture content, temperature, rainfall, plant growth and nutrient intake.
  • Automated harvesting in fields and greenhouses: How optical vision systems coupled with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) can improve the harvesting process, resulting in alleviating harvesting pressures. shortage of labor, an increase in the quality and quantity of crops, a reduction in losses and an improvement in crop management.
  • Food processing: How optical sensors and imaging are used to sort and categorize crops based on color, size, shape, maturity level, quality, shelf life and inspection packaging in order to meet the standards of distribution chains and their consumers.

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Donald Prévost

Donald Prévost, Technical Director, INO

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