Inspection of Defects in Plastic Parts (French only)

Terahertz technology can see through certain materials. Watch this webinar to learn more about using terahertz technology for the non-destructive inspection of plastic parts. 

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Webinar: How to Immediately Detect Hidden Defects During the Production of Plastic Parts

Many types of surface or internal defects can appear at the end of the manufacturing process during the industrial manufacturing of polymer parts or objects. Detecting these defects after quality control often results in production rejects, which affects the productivity and profitability of the manufacturing company. The impact on the company is even greater if the customer discovers the defects.

While there are several solutions for inspecting the exterior of produced parts or objects, what about internal inspection? How can a company inspect 100% of the output to instantly detect defects hidden under the surface before the entire production chain is affected?

Through concrete examples of internal part inspection at the injection output, our experts address the following topics:

  • The field’s main industry issues and their economic weight

  • An overview of terahertz technology

  • Terahertz applications in the polymer industry and how it can solve certain inspection and quality control problems.

Technical level



Donald Prévost, Solutions Manager, INO

Mario Simard, Business Unit Manager, Advanced Manufacturing, INO

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