Smart hydraulic cylinders - a case study in IoT development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution as more and more objects are controlled remotely. In this webinar, learn how Mailhot and INO are developing the technology to connect cylinders used in the construction and mining industries. (french only)

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Webinar: Smart hydraulic cylinders - a case study in IoT development

This webinar is presented by Donald Prévost, Solutions Manager at INO, and Luc Mainville, Vice President of Innovation and R&D at Mailhot Industries.

Since 1956, Mailhot Industries has been a leader in the cylinder market, distinguishing itself by the quality of its innovative products. Every year, the Mailhot team manufactures close to 50,000 cylinders for different types of vehicles in the environmental and waste management, natural resource exploitation, construction and snow removal industries.

The partnership between INO and Mailhot is in full swing. They chose INO for its ability to develop technology that fits their vision for growth.

This webinar presents Mailhot's vision of the future, its positioning in the market and its need to innovate and surround itself with a highly competent network. INO will then present the approach it uses to develop industrial innovations for the Canadian industry, taking as an example the development of the optical sensor used in the manufacturing of the smart cylinder.

By listening to this webinar on smart cylinders, you will learn more about :

  • Mailhot's experience and vision regarding the digitial transformation of a manufacturing company;
  • INO's structured approach, brining innovation to Canadian companies. 

Technical level



Donald Prévost

Donald Prévost, Solutions Manager, INO

Luc Mainville Mailhot

Luc Mainville, Vice President of Innovation R&D, Mailhot industries

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