BiomimicTM Optical Phantoms

Designed to reproduce the absorption and scattering of light in biological tissues, optical phantoms are a durable, stable, and cost-effective referencing solution.

INO Biomimic phantoms


Solid phantoms are fabricated with industrial-grade polymers to which are added specific absorbing and scattering additives. They have optical properties that deliver reproducibility and long-term stability.

BiomimicTM Optical Phantoms

With the goal of meeting the needs for calibration and tests of biomedical optical instruments, we manufacture our BiomimicTM solid optical phantoms. They are specifically designed to reproduce the optical properties of living biological tissues. Produced from a matrix of industrial-grade polyurethane, having extremely low intrinsic absorption in the VIS-NIR spectrum, the process incorporates additives to precisely tune the values of absorption and scattering at one reference wavelength the 450-850nm spectral band.  Each manufactured lot is verified with a characterization sample that is prepared and stored in our inventory. This sample is used to characterize optical properties via an extremely high precision, advanced time-resolved transmittance system (Bouchard et al, 2010). Characterization reports with the exact absorption coefficient µa and reduced scattering coefficient µs’ values at the reference wavelength are provided with each phantom delivered. Since we store all characterization samples for future referencing, you can always request measurements of the optical properties of any given batch at other wavelengths in the supported spectral band at any time, even after the phantom has been delivered.

Standard or custom phantoms

INO offers standard off-the-shelf BiomimicTM phantoms that can be shipped immediately. Available standard phantoms are listed in the Rectangular Biomimic Phantoms and Cylindrical Biomimic Phantoms charts below.

If you do not find a phantom that meets your needs on any of these lists, we would be happy to manufacture a custom phantom to your specifications.

You have questions about our phantoms?  Take a look at our FAQ sheet or send us an e-mail.



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