HRXCAM High Resolution Infrared Camera Modules

For high-performance optics with a wide field of view and high numerical aperture, our HRXCAM modules deliver unparalleled picture quality with very high resolution.


HRXCAMs feature a microbolometric detector combined with an exclusive lightweight microscan catadioptric lens. The camera module produces a 16-bit raw signal and 8-bit high resolution final images at a framerate between 12 Hz and 15 Hz, depending on the model. All detector parameters can be configured.



Main specifications

  • Resolution HRXCAM-1280: 1280 x 960
    HRXCAM-2048: 2048 x 1536
    HRXCAM-16K: 16348 x 12288
  • Detector HRXCAM-1280 : 640 x 480 FPA (ULIS)
    HRXCAM-2048 et 16K : 1024 x 768 FPA (ULIS)
  • Effective pixel pitch HRXCAM-1280: 12,5 µm
    HRXCAM-2048: 8,5 µm
    HRXCAM-16K: 1,0625 µm
  • Waveband 8 µm to 14 µm
  • Focal length 50.0 mm
  • Effective F/# 1,05
  • FOV HRXCAM-1280: 22,6°
    HRXCAM-2048: 24,55°
    HRXCAM-16K: 19,8 x 14,9°
  • Relative illumination 85% to 6°
  • Microscan response time <1.5 ms
  • Manual focus range HRXCAM-1280 and 2048: 10 m to infinity
    HRXCAM-16K: 5 m to infinity
  • Optical dimensions 72 mm diameter (78 mm with flange)
  • Optics mass (without front window) 750 g
  • Optics athermal range –30°C to 60°C

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