Sensor Deployment Optimization

In video-based surveillance systems, camera placement is one of the keys to obtaining a cost-effective solution. Picking the right types and numbers of cameras and determining their optimal position and orientation ensures the best tradeoff between system performance and cost, but optimization can be a complex problem. 

At INO we have developed cost-effective solutions for video surveillance deployment to help our clients make sure every installed system delivers optimal performance. Our software solution simulates a full-scale video deployment and gives quantitative performance values based on end-user needs. Because each client has different priorities (from target positioning and recognition to sensor coverage and installation cost), we carefully analyze the pros and cons of different deployment scenarios to identify the configuration that best fits client requirements. We can also validate a fully operational video-based deployment and run it through the sensor deployment simulator to ascertain its effectiveness.

Optimal Sensor Deployment

Our expertise: 

  • Video sensor performance assessment

  • Optimal sensor configuration

  • Decision support

Our strength: Solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Fields of application:

  • Military systems

  • Search and rescue

  • Industrial inspection

  • Security and surveillance

  • Remote sensing


Depending on the number of possible solutions for a given problem, it can be difficult to analyze the tradeoffs between multiple solutions. Our approach provides additional tools for grouping scenarios with similar deployment characteristics in order to facilitate data interpretation.

If the sensor has specific performance requirements, we can model them using tools that help ”ground-truth” actual sensor performance based on real data. Modeled sensor performance data is plugged into our optimization algorithms to yield the most accurate performance predictions under different operating conditions, including parameters such as target size, sensor distance to target, sensor field of view, night and daytime operations, and adverse conditions like rain or fog.

See this article for more info: Optimal Video Camera Network Deployment to Support Security Monitoring

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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