Fiber Endoscopy

INO creates added value by using its long-standing expertise with fiber optic–based systems and its miniaturization toolbox to produce novel optical fiber probes for inspecting and treating tissues and materials in remote and difficult-to-access locations. We develop customized optical fibers specifically optimized for one or several modalities. These fiber probes can be designed to deliver excitation light and efficiently collect light emitted from the target, with high contrast and minimal insertion losses. For example, we recently developed a dual-clad optical fiber device as part of a distal-scanning coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) endomicroscope for biomedical applications. The probe was engineered to enhance the contrast of CARS images and avoid contamination by removing the spontaneous four-wave mixing noise generated with the signal in the optical fiber, a well-known contrast issue in CARS endoscopy. This was all done without any increase in the endoscope’s footprint.

Our expertise: Tailored optical fiber probes and sensors for biomedical applications

  • Nonlinear imaging modality probes (CARS, SHG, MPF, etc.)

  • Customized fiber optic devices for endoscopes and free-standing probes

  • Integrated coupling optics for fiber probes

  • Fiber sensors

  • Customized micro-objectives for endoscopy

  • Integrated multimodal probes

Our strength: A pragmatic, multidisciplinary approach to the challenges of fiberized endoscopy.

We capitalize on the creativity and talent of our specialists across multiple fields, including specialty optical fiber, fiber lasers, fiber sensors, optical design, microfabrication, and biophotonics.

Fields of application:

  • High-resolution medical imaging of internal organs

  • Early cancer detection

  • Label-free imaging of tumor margins

  • Fundamental and clinical research

  • Guiding and monitoring during interventions

  • Therapeutics: laser delivery

  • Industrial inspections

  • Surveillance in tight spaces

  • Inspections in harsh environments


Our teams of optical and optomechanical designers and biophotonics engineers routinely use their problem-solving skills to meet stringent requirements for biomedical, industrial, military, and space applications. Endoscopes and fiber probe systems can be tested in our environmental testing facilities. We also have the required expertise to conduct component and systems qualification to obtain medical or industrial device compliances, certifications, and conformities. 

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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