Fluorescence Microscope

INO designs and develops customized pathogen detection systems for its clients. The systems are tailored to meet both assay and application requirements and range from high-sensitivity, high-resolution optical microscopes to large-sample area array readers and low profile and portable handheld systems. INO’s experts use trade-off modeling to design custom optical lens trains that meet application requirements, eliminate unnecessary features, and keep costs at a minimum. Our systems employ state-of-the-art high-brightness LEDs or solid-state lasers for illumination and fluorescence excitation, from UV to near–IR, for single or multichannel fluorescence, luminescence, and reflection-based detection systems with camera-based imaging or high-sensitivity nonimaging detection (PMT or APD). Optical modules can be designed to analyze any sample geometry and provide fully automated multiaxis sample scanning and autofocus integration.

Custom software and vision subsystems are developed to meet client needs and may include instrument control, image capture, background correction, feature extraction/contouring, object counting, image stitching, and user-friendly graphical user interfaces.

These systems can achieve resolutions sufficient to image single bacteria (≤1µm optical resolution) and sensitivities capable of detecting single fluorescent nanoparticles or fluorophores such as fluorescein and Cy- 3 in quantities of only a few hundred molecules.

Our expertise: Custom fluorescence detection systems

  • Low-cost multichannel fluorescence microarray readers

  • Microbial image cytometers to count individual bacteria cells

  • Fluorescence plate readers

  • Portable and handheld fluorescence imagers

Our strength: Customization

Our experts will tailor a system to your application in order to achieve the required performance and desired sample manipulation protocol. You no longer need to try to adapt your unique sample preparation or assay to fit off-the-shelf pathogen detection systems.

Fields of application:

  • Medical diagnostics

  • Food safety

  • Veterinary science

  • Agriculture

  • Defense and security

  • Bio-research

  • Environment


INO also designs optical subsystems for integration into multifunctional systems (sample processing) in addition to standalone systems. Optical subsystems can be designed to accommodate diverse geometries and will be developed with full documentation of defined interfaces and software APIs to ensure fast and successful integration into existing or concurrently developed instruments.

INO’s wide breadth of expertise in optical technologies provides opportunities for novel pathogen detection systems. Time-resolved fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging, advanced fiber optics, real-time 3D imaging and pulsed lasers represent just a few of INO’s strengths that can be applied to the development of new systems.

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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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