Laser Micromachining

Our highly skilled researchers and engineers design custom solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our clients—from process development and laser machining systems to prototypes of machined parts. 

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We’ve developed a flexible fiber laser platform whose temporal pulse-shaping capabilities are ushering in a new paradigm in laser micromachining. This unique tool serves our team in the development of innovative laser processes.

We offer a wide range of custom laser processes for:

  • Optical fiber cutting, lensing, piercing, shaping, and stripping
  • Glass polishing and machining
  • Stealth dicing of strengthened glass
  • Glass welding

We also design open- or monolithic- architecture laser machining systems configured according to your production and R&D needs.

We can combine laser micromachining with our other fields of expertise: optoelectronics, optical design, laser systems, vision systems, and software development.

Our laser micromachining solutions are ideally suited for a wide range of applications:

  • Fiber sensors
  • Biomedicine
  • Instrumentation   
  • Fiber lasers
  • Photovoltaics
  • Microfabrication
  • Integrated photonics
  • Optical components
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace

From feasibility studies and short production runs of machined part prototypes to the design and manufacture of machining systems, our researchers and engineers deliver solutions tailored to your needs. Although the bulk of our patent portfolio is for laser machining of glass, we also work with plastics, ceramics, semi‑conductors, and metals.


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