Fluorescence Lidar

Over the last 15 years, INO has worked to develop solutions for remotely detecting biological agents and contaminants of all kinds. Leveraging the experience gained from SINBAHD, a National Defence Canada project to develop a standoff integrated bioaerosol active hyperspectral detection system with a range of ~1 km, INO now specializes in the development of laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) lidar systems for various applications.

The fluorescence-based approach can be applied to solids, liquids, and gases to identify substances with specific fluorescence bands.

Fluorescence lidar can scan 360° at ranges up to several kilometers and delivers immediate results with no sample preparation. No reagents or consumables are required for analyses. Moreover, intensified range-gated light detectors can reveal low quantities of contaminants and determine how they are distributed in space.

Our expertise: Contaminant detection

  • Aerosol dispersion of bacteriological threats

  • Oil pipeline leaks and spills

  • Potential hazards in luggage

  • Gases with specific fluorescence bands

Our strength: Experience

INO’s team of seasoned researchers has been developing and delivering fluorescence-based remote-sensing systems for over 15 years.

Fields of application: This technology is currently used worldwide to study plant cover in forests and oceans and to detect contaminants and bacteria. 

  • Defense and security

  • Industrial hygiene

  • Oil industry

  • Mining industry

  • Aerospace

  • Environment

  • Cultural heritage


Our versatile systems enable clients to conduct measurement campaigns under real-life operating conditions in order to quickly determine whether a technology meets their requirements and better define their needs when designing a system. Our highly sensitive method is also ideally suited to compact, low-cost, low-power lasers. Emitting in the UV band, which is invisible to the naked eye, these lasers can be used to discreetly perform analyses without any risk of eye or skin exposure. In addition, we design systems ranging in size from portable devices to trailer-mounted solutions. Fluorescence and Raman technology can also be combined in the same system for maximal flexibility.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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