Laser Collimation

INO has the expertise to collimate a wide range of laser diode bars and arrays using patented technologies to control beam divergence and profile for the fast and slow axes. These collimation technologies meet the needs of each application and are adapted to all wavelengths. INO also creates custom solutions for clients’ specific mechanical, electrical, and thermal requirements. Modules built using INO’s microlens assembly techniques have proven highly reliable, as environmental thermal cycling, vibration, and shock tests have shown.

Our expertise: Custom collimation of laser diode bars and arrays

  • Fast and slow-axis collimation using cylindrical microlenses and beam transformation systems

  • Beam profile shaping (symmetrization, apodization)

  • Brightness optimization for focalization or injection into an optical fiber

  • Characterization (near and far-field profile, divergence, size, power)

  • Rugged assembly designed to meet military standards for withstanding thermal cycling, shocks, and vibrations

  • Custom system design and fabrication, including laser diode, optical, mechanical, electronic, and thermal management

Our strength: Our experience

INO has extensive experience in custom collimation of laser diode bars and arrays emitting at various wavelengths. Moreover, given the wide-ranging expertise of our optical, mechanical, electronic, thermal, and software specialists, we can meet the specific requirements of virtually any application.

Fields of application:

  • Laser illumination 

  • Optical fiber injection

  • Solid-state laser pumping 

  • Laser machining

  • Medicine

  • Industrial applications

  • Aerospace


INO has all the necessary optical, mechanical, electronic, thermal, and software design expertise to develop collimated laser diode bars and arrays and integrate them into modules. Our best-known achievements include the development of laser hair removal systems using a laser diode array optimally collimated for injection into an optical fiber. We are also very proud of our laser illuminator modules used in range-gated active imaging systems. These modules use optimally collimated arrays to produce an invisible light beam with an ultraprecise profile maximized for illumination.

Some achievements

These projects are custom-tailored to client needs.
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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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