Active Fiber

INO draws on its unique expertise in active fiber design and fabrication to develop innovative solutions for its clients. INO boasts a number of newly patented large-mode-area (LMA) fiber designs providing outstanding performance for scaling fiber amplifier output power and energies while preserving high beam quality and good pointing stability.

Our expertise: LMA fibers designed for high output beam quality and high power stability

  • Fiber modeling (multiple INO patents for multiclad LMA fiber designs)

  • LMA fibers with core sizes up to 40 microns and high output beam quality (M2 < 1.5) for good pointing stability and a high SBS threshold

  • Gain-selective doping for optimized beam quality

  • Low-photodarkening fibers

  • Polarization-maintaining LMA fibers with a high signal polarization extinction ratio, well suited to harmonic generation

  • Gain blocks assemblies

Our strength: Optimized and customized fiber designs

Our designs draw on INO’s unique multidisciplinary expertise in fiber modeling and MCVD technologies. They use INO’s unique proprietary multiclad LMA fiber designs to preserve high beam quality in LMA fibers for the benefit of our clients. INO holds many patents in multiclad LMA fiber designs.

Fields of application:

  • Multistage pulsed-fiber lasers & amplifiers

  • High-power fiber lasers

  • Single-mode fiber amplifiers/lasers

  • LMA Yb fibers, Er-Yb fibers

  • PM fibers for 2nd and 3rdharmonic generation 


INO is one of the few remaining independent active fiber manufacturers. Moreover our mission is to develop custom fibers for our clients. INO can help you with highly specialized fiber designs for multistage laser amplifiers as well as a wide range of specially designed undoped fibers.

Other INO services include tapered fibers, fiber gain blocks, and laser soldering and polishing of fiber end caps. INO also offers support for the design and fabrication of fiber laser prototypes and can supply fiber to clients who produce their own fiber lasers. INO’s wide range of expertise in electronics, lasers, optical design, and material processing can be an important advantage for clients seeking solutions for specialty applications. INO also offers short-run production when needed.

INO has many years of experience designing and fabricating Yb-doped, Er-Yb-doped, hollow, and PM fibers, as well as high-attenuation fibers and microstructured fibers. 


You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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