Imagine working on the prototype of an instrument for the International Space Station. Picture yourself as part of a talented team in a high-tech environment where ideas come to life!

If you can bring creativity and innovation to the table and are committed to teamwork, quality, and client satisfaction, INO can offer you a stimulating career full of exciting challenges.

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Program and Group Manager - Optical Design As INO program/group manager, you will report to the vice president of business development and operations. Your role will consist of building business relationships based on a client-centered approach in order to meet or exceed their new technology needs, and overseeing development of technologies under your responsibility. You will lead and advance the business development plan and technological development directions. You will be responsible for ensuring that program activities achieve the expected benefits. You will also be in charge of managing the human resources of the Optical Design expertise group, a team of about 10 people. You will oversee performance management for the members of your team and assign them tasks based on project requirements. Microfabrication technologist Part of a dynamic and talented team, you will mostly participate in the production of micro devices in a clean room and will be in charge of the maintenance of those scientific equipment. You will be involved both in customer R & D projects as well as in in-house research projects where you will have to contribute to the development of new advanced technologies. Microfabrication reasercher - Printable photonics As a researcher and member of the Microfabrication Group, your primary role will be to contribute to the creation of technological innovation and intellectual property through your involvement in internal and external projects for the development of innovative optical/photonic micro devices and components in the following application areas: medicine, environment, mining, industry, military and surveillance, aerospace or astronomy.

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