Packaging often accounts for the bulk of MEMS/MOEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical-Systems and Micro-Opto-Electromechanical Systems) costs, particularly when a specific atmosphere is required. Bolometric detectors are very often subject to these types of constraints because the package has to be permeable to infrared radiation while keeping the detectors in a vacuum environment at a stable temperature.


All package parameters, including its lateral dimensions; volume; mass; mechanical strength; and electrical, thermal, and optical properties have an impact on the properties of bolometric detectors or on the properties and operation of any instruments incorporating these detectors. It is therefore critical to develop and optimize packages to yield maximal sensor performance. Although overall performance is a key criterion for military applications, cost and weight can be equally important packaging criteria. Typical examples include unattended ground sensors (UGS) and the instruments used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

  • Thermally stabilized ceramic package with IR window
  • Standard ceramic package with VIS window
  • Micropackages


In order to meet specific MEMS/MOEMS packaging requirements, INO has developed a variety of packaging techniques, including standard packaging and micropackaging, which it has already used for its own uncooled bolometric detectors.

Packaging is performed using windows and ceramic spacers. Unlike standard packaging, micropackaging allows for a 65% reduction in footprint and a notable 93% reduction in weight. Metal or ceramic packages can be used in standard packaging techniques.

We also offer a MEMS-Pirani pressure microsensor for pressure monitoring. It includes a user-friendly control software for direct pressure measurement.


Available technology transfer

The ceramic LCC hermetic vacuum packaging technology is ready for transfer. 

This is the perfect technology for the packaging of bolometers or other MEMS devices that require a vacuum environment down to 1 mTorr and a window.


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