Medical devices

From design to fabrication, we help provide improved healthcare technologies to the medical community. We draw on optics and photonics to develop new innovations in areas ranging from diagnostics to surgery.

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With our ISO-9001: 13485 certification, we specialize in custom solutions. We work hand in hand with you throughout the process — from feasibility assessment and design through development, short series production, and technology transfer — to respond to your needs.

Medicine is growing increasingly personalized in response to complex pathologies. With innovations such as early diagnosis and microsurgery, we can help provide a better quality of life.

At INO, we excel at developing custom designs made to your precise specifications to deliver compelling results.

How we work

Choose us to act as your exploration team in unchartered technological territory, your go-to consulting expert, or your partner of choice to design, build, and productize a customized solution in answer to your most challenging needs.


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