A Sustainable Economic Impact

For the past 30 years, INO has gained recognition as a vital link in the innovation ecosystem by playing an essential role as a driver and bridge between academic knowledge and the needs of industries.

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The result? Industrial R&D that generates tangible benefits and creates added value for Quebec and Canadian businesses. INO is more than an applied research centre; it is a true driver of economic development in the city of Québec area, across Canada, and around the world.

With external revenues of half a billion dollars over three decades, INO has helped generate several billion dollars in direct spinoffs for its clients, of which 70% are SMEs.

This ranks INO among the world’s most successful applied research centres. Unmatched know-how, right here in Quebec.

INO plays an active role in local businesses’ innovation and productivity. Its business model focuses on the development of intellectual property based on the needs of clients and their markets.

Its activities have led to the creation of 75 technology transfers to the industry and 35 spin-off companies, such as TeraXion, OPTEL, and LeddarTech, which in turn create jobs and value.

Our 35 spin-off companies

Aerex Avionics Inc.

Electro-optical consulting firm, 1993 Learn more


Specialty optical fibres, 1998 Learn more


Hypoglycemia monitor and blood glucose meter, 2003

Doric Lenses Inc.

Microlenses, 1994 Learn more

Dx Biotech

Flow cytometer, 2017 Learn more

FISO Technologies inc.

Fibre optic sensor, 1994 Learn more

FlyScan Systems Inc.

Leak detection systems for pipeline inspection, 2017 Learn more

Hedzopt inc.

Thermal weapon sight, 2007

Regent Instruments Inc.

Optical instrumentation, 1990 Learn more

IRphotonics inc.

Fluoride fibers, 2004

LeddarTech inc

Solid-state LiDAR technology, 2007 Learn more

LynX Inspection

Machine vision for industrial inspection, 2018 Learn more

NEKS Technologies inc.

Colour-based gingival tartar detection, 2001


Temperature sensors, 2004 Learn more

Obzerv Technologies Inc.

Vision systems, 2002 Learn more


Fibre optic sensors, 2004 Learn more

Optel Vision

Optical instrumentation, 1992 Learn more


Integrated optics software, 1994 Learn more

Opti Rythmix

Virtuo Library, 2011

Optosecurity Inc.

Optical correlator, 2004


Vision systems for the inspection of transportation infrastructures, 2009 Learn more

Pierre Langlois Consultant

Diffractive optics consulting, 1997

P&P Optica

Optics engineering shop, 1995 Learn more

PyroPhotonics Lasers inc.

Laser technology, 2004

Quantum BioMedical (QBM)

Endoscope for intravascular diagnosis, 2006


Mail screening technology, 2016 Learn more

RealTraffic Technologies

Real-time imaging technology for measuring road traffic density, 2008 Learn more

Swiftsure Spatial Systems

Optronic Synthetic Aperture processing (OSAp), 2017 Learn more

Technologies and Services INOOXX

LiDAR measurement and laser triangulation technology to measure truck load volume, 2013

TeraXion inc.

Optical components, 2000 Learn more


Robotics, 2019 Learn more

Company specializing in the environment

Confidential project, 2010

Handyem inc.

Personal cytometer, 2011

I/FO Technologies

Fibre optics technology consulting firm, 1993

Nortech Fibronic

Instrumentation optique, 1989