Your Career at INO

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INO is looking for talented people in several areas of activity to enhance its growing team.

Are you marked by a desire for professional growth? We’re convinced that we can offer you a highly rewarding working environment! A Canadian leader in applied industrial research in optics/photonics, INO is an employer of choice located near all major roads, in the heart of the Quebec City technology park.

Imagine participating in the realization of projects that really make a difference in people’s daily lives and help advance science!

Imagine bringing innovation to life… This is what INO offers you!


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Welcoming, Diversified, and Inclusive

At INO, the team is proud to promote an equitable and inclusive environment that encourages diversity, which contributes to the excellence of the innovations that are developed there, in addition to fostering an openness to change, creativity, and collaboration. 

Culturally rich colleagues

The staff is made up of colleagues from 20 different countries, which makes INO one of the most cosmopolitan working environments in the greater Quebec City region! 

An organization that recognizes the contribution of its team

Equity and appreciation for the contribution of our staff members are reflected, among other ways, in a transparent compensation program, which includes a rigorous annual increase process and an accessible salary structure, as well as in numerous initiatives to highlight excellence, including a recognition gala.

An environment to flourish professionally and personally

At INO, an integration program is in place so that new recruits can quickly realize their full potential. They have access to all the essential tools for their job, a training program, great career development opportunities, as well as a range of benefits to reconcile their work and personal life. 

Dynamic, representative governance

Influential positions are also accessible to women as well as members of all under-represented communities. Furthermore, the board of directors is made up of as many women as men from backgrounds representative of the sectors that INO serves, and the organization’s most senior vice-presidency is led by a mechanical engineer trained in artificial intelligence and robotics and specializing in product development. 

Managers who listen to staff

Thanks to anonymous weekly surveys, INO makes sure to maintain a work environment conducive to innovation that also promotes the well-being of its staff. Furthermore, the results confirm that individuals feel respected in their differences, that everyone’s ideas are respected, and that the salary treatment is equitable. 

A team that gives back

INO actively supports the community in order to contribute to its social dynamism and economic vitality. In addition to developing solutions for major companies that play a crucial role in communities, INO is also involved in causes that aim to develop the next generation of scientists, help young businesses grow, or promote entrepreneurship. At INO, we believe in it: innovating also means helping your community grow. 

Why Choose INO

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Advantageous working conditions

Enjoy a competitive salary, opportunities for advancement, a pension plan, and broad insurance coverage.

A stimulating work environment

Dive into new challenges and projects with the support of passionate colleagues.

Cutting-edge laboratories

Evolve in a highly specialized environment equipped with research and production labs and cleanrooms.

An active social club

Joining INO means finding a second family. Our social club offers multiple opportunities to build strong ties with colleagues.

A culture of innovation

With innovation in mind and at heart, your ideas are a source of pride for us, and your success has a direct impact on local businesses.

Paid leave

Take advantage of the liberal leave policy that offers floating leave days and paid sick days and holidays, including between Christmas and New Year’s.