Imagine working on the prototype of an instrument for the International Space Station. Picture yourself as part of a talented team in a high-tech environment where ideas come to life!

If you can bring creativity and innovation to the table and are committed to teamwork, quality, and client satisfaction, INO can offer you a stimulating career full of exciting challenges.

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Optronics researcher As a researcher in the Optronic Systems group, you will be actively involved in the design, fabrication, characterization and prototyping of instruments and imaging systems in the infrared (IR), visible intensifier (I2), short infrared (SWIR) and Terahertz (THz) spectral bands, for civilian, aerospace and defense applications. You will be expected to interact efficiently within multidisciplinary project teams. Solutions Manager The Solutions Manager will report to the Industry Manager, and will have the core function of making sure that the technical team delivers a solution that corresponds exactly to the needs of the industry or that of the client. Also, the incumbent will be responsible for identifying the specific problematic of clients of the business unit Defense, Security and Aerospace, and for communicating the problematic to the technical experts’ team dedicated to solutions development and implementation.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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