An experienced team to guide INO’s success.


Composed of experts in their respective fields, management instills passion and commitment in INO’s 200 employees.

Alain Chandonnet

President and CEO Learn more

Philippe Boivin

VP, Corporate Affairs Learn more

Marie-Claude Côté

VP, Development and Engineering Learn more

André Fougères

VP, Chief Technology Officer Learn more

Louis Martel

VP, Business Development and Partnership Learn more

Shirley Moore

VP, Finances

Karine Romain

VP, Human Experience and Culture Learn more


INO’s Board of Directors comprises 11 members who are experts in the field and who serve as an interface between the organization’s activities and the needs of its clients and partners. Each member further contributes their expertise by taking part in one or several internal committees.

Kathy Baig [3]

Vice President, Business Development and Operations Leader – Transportation, Montréal, QC Learn more

Caroline Boudoux [3]

Professor, Department of Engineering Physics at Polytechnique Montréal Learn more

Alain Chandonnet

President and CEO INO, Québec, QC Learn more

Hélène Chartier [2,3,4]

Corporate Director, Montréal, QC Learn more

Denis Faubert [3,4]

Research, Development and Innovation Consultant, Montréal, QC Learn more

François Giroux [1]

President Gentec Inc., Québec, QC Learn more

Vanessa Grondin [1]

Vice-President Operations, Lü Interactive Playground, Québec, QC Learn More

Sébastien Proulx [2,4]

Lawyer and Strategic Advisor in Public Law and Relations with the State, Québec, QC Learn more

Véronique Proulx [2]

President and CEO, Manufacturiers et exportateurs du Québec | Senior Vice-President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Montréal, QC Learn more

Hugues St-Pierre [1,4]

Corporate Director and President of MAXXAB, Rimouski, QC Learn more

Jacques Topping [1,2,3,4]

Corporate Director Québec, QC Learn more

Internal committees

[1] Audit Committee

[2] Governance and Human Resources Committee

[3] Markets and Technology Committee

[4] Strategic Opportunities Committee