Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging is remarkable in that it allows us to see what the eye cannot.

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This technology splits the light reflected by a scene into bands of contiguous wavelengths. In contrast, a color camera splits light into only three wavelength bands that simulate the response of the human eye.

The advantages of this technology are many, including contaminant detection on your products, default detection for quality control purposes, real-time process validation, and more.

Hyperspectral technology establishes a unique spectral signature for each material by covering wavelengths in both the visible and infrared band, thereby significantly increasing the power to discern objects.

We specialize in developing custom hyperspectral imaging solutions that combine system aspects such as lighting, spectral imaging, and processing capacity (edge computing and cloud) with algorithmic aspects of digital vision, multivariate analysis, and artificial intelligence to best achieve the target application.


  • Quality control (e.g., contaminant detection)
  • Process control (e.g., concentration measurement)
  • Sorting and grading (e.g., materials recycling)
  • Remote monitoring (e.g., precision agriculture)
  • Evolution prediction (e.g., shelf life)