Defense, Security and Aerospace

Our commitment to ensuring security and to protecting populations drives us to excel and provide innovative solutions that push boundaries for performance and precision.

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INO’s imaging expertise allows us to develop real-time concealed object detection systems and remote biological threat detection systems that make it possible to intervene quickly and safely. Our solutions meet the highest industry standards and operate over a broad spectrum of terahertz and infrared wavelengths. They can be used for human activity monitoring, defense, security, video analytics, and more.

We also have a range of innovative approaches for use in the aerospace industry. You can rely on our experience and know-how to meet your needs in terms of sensor simulation, development, and integration for applications in astronomy, Earth observation, space science, and planetary exploration.

Our design services for on-board optical and optomechanical instruments can be adapted to the requirements of any industry. And our optics and photonics technologies have the necessary maturity to meet even the most demanding space qualification requirements.

Custom-made solution

We find the best solutions for your business to be more productive and competitive.  In addition of our R&D services, we also have solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

Defense, security, aerospace

Wheter you are a small, medium or large organization in the medical field, we design and develop innovatives solutions.

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The requirement phase

What's your challenge? The requirement phase

What's your challenge? The requirement phase

The journey starts with a detailed analysis of your challenge to thoroughly understand the issues you face and clearly define the ideal solution. We then translate your needs into exhaustive technical specifications

A solution blueprint

What can we do? A solution blueprint

What can we do? A solution blueprint

We look at available technologies and fill the gap to fit your needs. You can expect a detailed concept blueprint presenting your performance objectives and the associated development effort and risks.

Prototyping possibilities

A first real-world design: prototyping possibilities

A first real-world design: prototyping possibilities

This is where we quantitatively assess and weigh technical risks by generating a first prototype. At the end of this step, you will have a detailed plan in hand, with all major risks mitigated.

A complete solution

Integration: a complete solution

Integration: a complete solution

Time to check the conformity of the solution under realistic operational conditions. We finalize, demonstrate, and document system design and performance so that the best solution is handed to you.

Building it – Scaling it

Building it – Scaling it

Building it – Scaling it

Building and productizing the solution; performing pilot runs; performing know how and IP transfer to achieve autonomy in manufacturing.

Some Achievements

Here are some success stories achieved by our Defense, Security and Aerospace team. As a key partner in your quest for a customized solution, our team of experts can meet your most challenging needs.

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Broadband Radiometer Detectors

Client : Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (client), European Space Agency (end user)

NFIRAOS - Adaptive Optics Subsystems for the TMT

Client : NRC Herzberg, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Real-time SAR optronic processor

Client : European Space Agency (ESA)

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Do you have a question?  You wonder how we can help you?  Do not hesitate to contact our DSA team: Patrice Topart, Business Unit Manager and Pascal Bouchard, Solutions Manager.

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