Pipe 3DC - Internal Pipe 3D Capture Sensor


INO offers a sensor using laser technology that generates a digital twin of your internal pipe during the inspection, producing a high resolution 3D point cloud. With such an accurate digital reproduction of your pipe, it is possible to better plan and prioritize interventions following the 3D data capture.


  • New installation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Condition assessment
  • Engineering


Our solution, Pipe 3DC, is a 3D laser profiler sensor providing a 360-degree point cloud from the inside of the pipe. Data can be exported in standard 3D file format like .xyz and .las for further use and analysis in 3rd party specialized software, such as CAD, BIM or GIS. The video generated by the camera is also available in .mp4 format.

Pipe 3DC can be mounted with brackets on top of your crawler for larger pipes (15-30 in.) or put on a trailer to be pulled through smaller diameter pipes (6-14 in.).

* Brackets and trailers available now for the DT340L crawler from Deep Trekker. Contact us if you want your Pipe 3DC integrated with a different crawler.

Data usage in your preferred software:


    • Shape
    • Trajectory
    • Slope


    • Diameter (Horizontal / Vertical)
    • Ovality
    • Circumference
    • Cross-section

Surveying & Inventory

    • Joints
    • Laterals

Detection & analysis

    • Structural defects

Videoplay Capteur 3D



  • Pipe internal diameter between 6 and 30 inches
  • Pipe type : Iron cast, PVC, HDPE, Concrete and Brick surfaces
  • 50 profiles per second (1 mm profile spacing at 3m/min)
  • 1 mm radial resolution (depth)
  • 0.25° azimuth resolution (perimeter)
    • 1440 points per profile
    • 0.7 mm in a 300 mm pipe
  • Dimensions: 100 x 400 mm (diameter x length)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Power: 4W, 12 volts


INO is a leading expert of laser profiler. Over the years we have developed products for road surveying, wood grading and quality control for manufacturing processes just to name a few.


You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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