3D Mini-optical Navigation for Total Hip Arthroplasty

Client : Intellijoint Surgical
Industries: Biomedtech


One of the biggest challenges surgeons face in hip arthroplasty is ensuring accurate selection, positioning and alignment of implant components, namely making sure the acetabular component of the hip prosthesis is at the correct angle and ensuring the patient’s legs are the same length post-operatively and offset is restored.  Traditional navigation solutions are inaccessible and impractical for the majority of hip surgeons due to high capital costs and resultant added surgical time. 

Therefore, most physicians have to rely on subjective measures like visual evaluations and muscle stiffness assessments. An error of a few millimeters can lead to serious problems for the patient and could result in a potential need for recurrent surgery for revision. 


Making hip surgery more accurate

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Intellijoint Surgical® develops and commercializes the new standard in miniature 3D mini-optical measurement. Its surgical Smart Tools enable surgeons and hospitals to improve surgical outcomes by reducing uncertainty and risk, while improving patient outcomes and economics. 


A joint project that led to a disruptive product

The collaboration between Intellijoint Surgical and INO began in 2012 with a technology feasibility study. This first phase proved successful, and the partnership continued to develop a limited market release version of the product. INO and Intellijoint Surgical worked together to develop a product that went to the market in 11 months and was released only to selected surgeons. Close interaction with INO’s short-run production team during research and developed further facilitated expedition of first units into the hands of surgeons rapidly for validation.

End-user feedback was very positive and led Intellijoint Surgical to pursue product development in order to optimize and expand the scope of the technology. Continued collaboration with INO resulted in a successful medical tracking device in May 2014. Ten months later, the first units were certified and the product received a license from Health Canada and clearance by the FDA in summer 2015.

The final product, intellijoint HIP®, is simple, easy to use and provides surgeons with vital intra-operative measurements in real time, enabling proper cup position, equalization of leg length and restoration of hip offset. These critical measurements can assist in the prevention of recurrent instability, hip dislocation and leg length discrepancy.  It is affordable, fast, integrates with surgical workflows and is compatible with all implant vendors.


To date, more than 350 successful surgeries have been performed using intellijoint HIP in the United States and Canada. Intellijoint Surgical won several awards, including the North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Enabling Technology Leadership in 2015 and the Futurpreneur Shopify True Grit Award in 2016.

From feasibility study to product development, INO is proud to have supported Intellijoint Surgical in its development of an innovative surgical product and support themn in setting the new standard in 3D mini-optical navigation for total hip arthroplasty.

"At Intellijoint, our design process is highly collaborative. INO was a great fit for us for this reason; we were able maintain a true collaboration while leveraging INO's incredible technical competency and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. I could tell our project's success was important to INO; they have always been flexible, accommodating and responsive. I look forward to working with the INO team developing our next disruptive technology.”

- Andre Hladio, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Intellijoint Surgical.

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