Advanced Optics Services For Ophthalmology

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INO offers integrated, high-end services for personalized ophthalmic device development: R&D, prototyping, short-run production, technology transfers.

 Integrated expertise for system development:

• Optical and optomechanical design

• Systems integration

• Electronics engineering

• Optical MEMS and packaging services

• Optical fiber design, fabrication and integration

• Software and image processing

• Surgical visualization

• Wavefront sensing

Certified ISO 13485 - Medical Devices

Registered FDA Contract Manufacturer


Surgical Visualization Camera with Enhanced Depth of Field

High resolution and high depth of field are often conflicting requirements in surgical imaging. As a replacement to surgical microscopes, INO has developed an innovative digital camera technology with three fold improvement of depth of field suitable for real-time surgical visualization. 

Depthview Yo

Near-to-eye lens

Our expertise was used to develop, in partnership with eSight Corp., a headset that improves visual acuity for those with vision loss. With INO’s near-to-eye lens, this headset helped a legally blind mother see her newborn  for the first time. 

Taking advantage of our state of the art free-form optics design capability, INO can design custom optical components for your ophthalmic devices.

Esight and Lens

Pupil tracking systems

INO and its partner developed a system to monitor eye movement and detect drowsiness by leveraging our extensive image processing and video analytics toolbox. This low-cost pupil tracking system uses an infrared camera and custom video analysis software to detect and track the pupil, iris and reference points.

Real-time video object detection and tracking is a difficult task, especially in a natural environment. INO has developed broad and diverse expertise in intelligent video analytics, from the selection of suitable sensors to accurate target tracking and positioning. This expertise can be customized to your needs.

Pupil Tracking System

Custom microscopy solutions

Our capabilities are highlighted in INO’s development of ultra-fast FLIM-FRET hyperspectral confocal microscope to study complex live cell protein-protein interactions and biochemical phenomena. This microscope provides evermore rapid imaging of live cells and biomolecular interactions for high performance life sciences applications.

INO’s wide breadth of expertise in optical technologies provides opportunities for novel microscopy systems. Time-resolved fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging, advanced fiber optics, and real-time 3D imaging represent just a few of INO’s strengths that can be applied to the development of your new system.

Flimfret System

Custom light delivery systems

INO is developing a photoacoustic feedback system that can serve to monitor the absorbed dose in treatments such as selective retinal therapy (SRT) and subthreshold micropulse diode laser therapy (SDM) treatments. Our method takes advantage of the flexible pulse shaping of our fiber lasers to provide a more consistent and repeatable treatment regime.

With INO’s programmable custom fiber lasers, energy deposition rate can be precisely tuned to optimize the surgical laser treatment outcomes and dosimetry that is critical for you.

Custom Light Delivery

Optical and Optomechanical Design and Engineering

INO is proficient in every aspect of optical engineering, from optical design to optomechanical engineering, optical assembly and alignment, optical characterization and metrology. Our environmental testing service includes temperature, humidity, vibration, shock and vacuum tests.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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