Eyesafe Nanosecond-Pulse Fiber Lasers

Client : Defence R&D Canada – Valcartier (DRDC)
Industries: Advanced Manufacturing
Technologies: Fiber Laser


Our client wanted to develop a new generation of fiber lasers to conduct highly accurate telemetric measurements at a very high repetition rate. Furthermore, the laser had to emit at an eyesafe wavelength. Considering the target applications, the laser also had to be portable and robust.


Our expertise in fiber lasers and the availability of compact, robust components from the telecommunications sector allowed us to develop fiber lasers with a wavelength in the optical telecommunications C-band (1531 nm). This wavelength falls in what is considered to be one of the most eyesafe wavelength bands of the light spectrum. Using our own electronic circuits, we developed a laser capable of emitting discrete pulses of about 350 ps. The laser’s repetition rate is adjustable, which makes it possible to emit either single pulses or pulses at repetition rates over 100 kHz.


Pulse duration can be set between 350 ps and 4 ns or between 2 ns and 80 ns. This laser can also be amplified using a Yb:Er doped fiber amplifier to further increase the output pulse energy.


Other applications:

This new laser has excellent potential for many different telemetric applications since it is eyesafe, has the required specifications used in very high resolution systems and can offer a very high sampling rate. It will be of particular use for building range resolved imagery systems.

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