Optics at the service of the aerospace industry

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The aerospace industry faces many challenges, such as precise earth observation, encrypted broadband communication and accurate space navigation.

Optics-based technologies play an essential role in these applications by providing advanced solutions. From space telescopes to optical lasers for communication and adaptive optics for sharp images, optics enhances our capacity for space exploration by providing sophisticated systems and cutting-edge tools for space observation, communication and navigation.

Your challenges

Earth observation

for agricultural purposes

Climate event prediction

Forest fire detection

Encrypted communications

Gas leak detection

Greenhouse Gas (GHG)

Navigation systems

for autonomous vehicles in harsh environments

Soil and water temperature monitoring

Main Applications

Spatial imaging

The challenges of spatial imaging include capturing high-resolution images, reducing noise and improving accuracy. Optics and broadband infrared systems, in particular, are essential to providing advanced technologies such as telescope systems and optical cameras, obtaining detailed, high-quality images for studying the universe and the Earth.

Discover how INO helped Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the European Space Agency in the Broadband Radiometer Detectors case study.

Earth observation

Earth observation faces challenges, such as global coverage, spatial resolution and real-time data collection. Optics is key in providing advanced technologies, such as observation satellites equipped with optical sensors, monitoring our planet precisely and continuously for resource management, natural disaster prevention and environmental monitoring.

Discover how INO helped GEDI in the case study INO across the universe .

Monitoring forest fires

Optical systems can detect temperature changes in forested areas, potentially indicating the presence of a forest fire. The data collected by these satellites can provide early warnings to firefighting crews and track the spread of fires.

To learn more, read the blog article: Wildfire monitoring: Tackling a financial and environmental issue.

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So far NFIRAOS was just a concept with a very long list of requirements. Now we have a detailed final design ready for fabrication. INO is turning our concept into reality!

- Olivier Lardière, optical engineer, NFIRAOS team, NRC Herzberg

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