Optics at the service of the Agri-food Industry

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Optics-based technologies provide precise and effective solutions to quality, food safety and productivity challenges.

Optical technologies make it possible, with computer vision and spectroscopy, to monitor food quality by detecting defects and measuring the products’ colour, texture and chemical composition, guaranteeing consistent production that meets high-quality standards.

Moreover, these technologies help improve food safety by rapidly detecting contaminants and facilitating product traceability, ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain.

Optical technologies help to increase efficiency and productivity in the food industry by optimizing production processes and automating tasks such as sorting, packaging and labelling, reducing costs and human error.

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Quality control

Fewer recalls

Improved yields

Production, packaging and quality control

operation automation

Robotic arm and autonomous vehicle guidance

Main applications

Inspection, quality control and non-destructive testing

Optical technologies can detect defects, make precise measurements and guarantee product compliance with their ability to capture detailed images and analyze specific characteristics. Various industries widely use systems such as machine vision, optical tomography and optical spectroscopy techniques to improve the manufacturing process quality and efficiency.

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Integrity testing of sealed containers

Techniques and technologies such as computer vision, spectroscopy and infrared imaging enable fast and accurate container inspection, detecting defects such as leaks, cracks or contamination. These technologies guarantee product safety, regulatory compliance and consumer confidence.

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Predicting shelf life

Techniques and technologies such as near-infrared spectroscopy and fluorescence can analyze chemical and physical properties of food. They provide invaluable information on product composition, freshness and spoilage, predicting shelf life precisely. This approach helps to reduce food waste and guarantee consumer safety.

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Control of the cold chain

Maintaining the required temperature during storage, transport and distribution is essential to preserve products’ physical-chemical and microbiological properties. As businesses have become increasingly digital, optical technologies have taken on a large portion of cold chain monitoring. Optical sensors on the packaging of certain products measure their temperature during transport and storage.

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I greatly enjoyed the collaboration I got from INO. I found them very professional. It’s cutting-edge technology, and any potential foreign client who comes in and visits INO understands that the technology being developed and manufactured there is world-class. This has made it easier for us to sell. We have a lot of good leads to sell other machines, and I always stress that INO is like the manufacturing plant for our technology!

Charles Nault, President Logiag

INO has exceeded our expectations in delivering on all aspects of the robotic cucumber harvesting project and we’re eager to see what the future of the collaboration holds. The team at INO has been both friendly and professional, and apart from the physical distance between us, there is a sincere feeling of unity in working together towards a common goal.

Brian Lynch, Research Scientist, Field Robotics Vineland Research and Innovation Center

While our product roadmap has evolved significantly since the beginning of our relationship, INO’s optical experts have been with us every step of the way. They have been crucial mentors to us in developing our business model and technology. Their technical expertise in optics, computer vision and artificial intelligence has enabled us to assess the technical feasibility of our projects and plan a roadmap of innovative yet feasible products. We were also able to leverage a wide variety of scient

Maxime Dumont, Co-founder, Director of operations Picketa Systems

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