Optics at the service of the infrastructure industry

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The infrastructure sector faces complex challenges such as structural monitoring, traffic management and facility security.

Optics-based technologies play a key role in these applications by providing advanced detection, surveillance and communication solutions. From optical sensors for crack detection to high-resolution video surveillance systems, optics help to improve infrastructure management, security and efficiency, ensuring durability and optimal operation.

Your challenges

Pipe Inspection

Detect problems and prevent the risk of failure. Discover how INO helped Can-Explore

Infrastructure inspection

Ensure efficient maintenance and guarantee the safety of citizens. Discover how INO propelled Pavemetrics

Leak detection

Regular monitoring to prevent environmental losses and damage. Discover how INO helped Electricore, transCanada, INRS and PHMSA

Predictive maintenance

Optimize infrastructure durability and performance.

Main Applications

Infrastructure inspection

Infrastructure inspection faces challenges such as accessing difficult areas, detecting defects and assessing structural integrity. Optics play a crucial role, providing advanced technologies such as inspection cameras, optical sensors and drones equipped with optical systems, enabling precise, non-destructive and safe inspection of infrastructure to ensure good condition and optimal operation.

Discover how INO worked with the Transport Minister (Ministère des Transports) to develop a 3D laser system to characterize and measure pavement rutting.

Pipe Inspection

Pipe inspection presents challenges such as restricted access, leak detection and continuous monitoring. Optics play an essential role, providing advanced technologies such as endoscopic inspection cameras and fiber optic vision systems, enabling precise, real-time inspection of pipes without dismantling them, thus contributing to the early detection of problems and efficient maintenance of pipe networks.

Discover how INO helped Can-Explore strengthen its position as a technological leader in the field of pipe inspection in the case study: Thrive on challenges to offer more and more!

Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline inspection presents challenges such as leak detection, corrosion and structural damage. Optics play a crucial role in providing advanced airborne and ground-based technologies for accurate, real time and uninterrupted pipeline monitoring, contributing to early detection of problems and energy infrastructure safety.

Discover how Flyscan and INO are pushing the limits of oil leak detection systems with an aerial pipeline surveillance system by reading the case study: Detect oil leaks upon the first drop.

Our customer testimonials

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INO was instrumental in launching Flyscan, which today offers the most effective solution to ensure the safety of the North American pipeline system.

Éric Bergeron, Founder and CEO Flyscan

A player like INO could only bring a fresh vision, and indeed, we were able to obtain a very interesting product. The team was available and came out in the field to experience our reality. The sensor provides us with quality data, allowing us to optimize the expenditure and the life span of the pipes.

Louis Légaré-Lapointe, Eng., President Can-Explore

Under one roof at INO, Pavemetrics found everything it needed to develop the hardware for its new LCMS-2.

Richard Habel, CEO Pavemetrics

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