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The constant search for new treatments, diagnostic methods and safe, effective pharmaceuticals represents a major challenge for research centres, as well as biotech and pharma companies.

Ensuring the integrity and sterility of biological product containers for patient safety is also a crucial responsibility of this industry. Optical technologies play a vital role in the life sciences in a wide range of scientific instruments, for imaging, analysis and diagnostic applications. Whether in fundamental research, biotechnology, molecular biology or biomanufacturing processes, sensors, cameras and lasers are widely used to ensure accurate measurements of biological systems.

Your challenges

Shortage of photonic optics experts

High-throughput screening

Weak signal detection

Reduced production costs

Product quality and integrity control

Defects, sterility, labelling, counterfeiting, contaminants, packaging, etc.

Advanced image analysis

Segmentation, classification, identification of regions of interest, fusion, etc.

Optical design, analysis and modelling

Main Applications

UV Disinfection

UV disinfection faces challenges such as effective surface coverage, appropriate UV exposure and user safety. Optics play a crucial role in supplying advanced technologies such as specific UV light sources and optical irradiation devices, enabling effective surface disinfection in a variety of environments, thus contributing to infection prevention and health safety.

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Cold Chain Control

Cold chain control in the life sciences presents challenges such as continuously monitoring temperatures, preventing variations and ensuring sample integrity. Optics play a key role in providing advanced technologies such as optical temperature sensors and optical tracking devices, enabling precise, real-time monitoring of storage conditions, guaranteeing the quality and stability of products in the life sciences field.

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Development of Illumination and Detection Modules for Advanced Microscopy

Developing illumination sources for life science instruments requires detailed knowledge of the applications, samples and phenomena to be observed. Whether your illumination is based on a light-emitting diode or a laser, the performance to be met can pose challenges in terms of uniformity, dosage, spatial coverage, stability, beam quality, spectral coverage, multiplexing or temporal precision. INO has developed several low- and high-power illumination sources with varied spectral properties to meet the needs of these customers, drawing on expertise in modelling, optical design, optoelectronics, optomechanics, metrology and laser development.

Quality control

Ensuring that pharmaceutical or medical products are suitable and meet quality thresholds, but also that quality is maintained throughout their shelf life, is of great importance to patient safety. For example, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have to comply with demanding and rigorous standards (e.g., FDA, EU GMP, ISO 11697, Medical Device Regulation [MDR]). Although they are highly efficient and effective for many applications, standard machine vision inspections have limitations that lead to inspection challenges not currently addressed by commercial solutions. This is particularly true when it comes to detecting defects through packaging (even opaque) or inside structures such as missing or defective components, cracks, holes, bubbles, humidity, etc.

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Fedor (Teo) Ilkov, Director, Optical Engineering Eikon Therapeutics

We have worked closely with INO in the development of novel spectrometers and probes for many years now. INO has the in-depth expertise in optical and optomechanical design and production engineering that allows them to understand and productize our prototypes. The open collaboration between our personnel at both the development and production levels is a key factor in our success and the success of our customers.

Scott Baker, Chief Executive Officer Tornado Spectral Systems

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