Logistics and supply chain

Optics applied to the logistics and the supply chain industry

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Optical systems play an essential role in modern distribution and logistics.

Advances in technology have made them essential tools for information processing, quality control, distance and displacement measurement, barcode reading and product safety as they improve the efficiency and accuracy of distribution and logistics processes, helping to reduce costs and improve the quality of delivered products.

Your challenges

Minimize losses

Reduce waste and optimize operational efficiency. Read: See What’s Under the Surface: Aiming for Zero Defects!

Control of the cold chain

Ensure product quality and safety, and minimize losses. Read: Controlling the Cold Chain: More Accessible and Less Expensive Than Ever

Main Applications

Control of the cold chain

Advanced optical sensors make it possible to monitor in real-time the temperature conditions of perishable products, such as food or sensitive medicines. These sensors detect temperature variations and provide an early warning if critical thresholds are exceeded. Moreover, optics make it possible to accurately measure light transmission through packaging materials, thus monitoring the integrity of thermal protection barriers.

Packaging inspection

Optical technologies apply advanced techniques, such as computer vision and spectroscopy, to detect packaging defects quickly and accurately. Optical systems can spot imperfections, cracks or contamination efficiently. Optical inspection ensures packaging quality, guaranteeing integrity and compliance with safety standards. It helps prevent potential problems, such as leaks, spoilage or contamination risks, ensuring product protection and consumer satisfaction.

Intelligent packaging

Optical technologies make it possible to package using optical sensors that can detect information, such as temperature, humidity, the presence of gases or product integrity. This data helps guarantee product quality, freshness and safety throughout their lifecycle, providing a better customer experience. Moreover, optical technologies enable functionalities such as real-time tracking, product authentication and even interactive customer communication.

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